Alignment not proper in Pulse in Metabase 0.30.1

We have just updated to Metabase 0.30.1 . Alignment of columns is very irregular. Two columns values are attached , only headers alignment is coming just fine. This was not an issue in previous versions. Any idea Why is this happening ?

Which email client are you experiencing this with?

Can you share a screenshot or something illustrating the misalignment?

Gmail viewed on Chrome

Seeing the same issue since upgrade to 0.30.1. Using gmail in chrome (linux). All field alignment appears to be left with no margin between columns so given two columns (a, b), if a is full length it will run into b (no space between).

Related issue(s) on GitHub:

Can anyone tell me which version does not has this bug ? . We will roll back to that version of this metabase meanwhile.