All dashboard filters not showing in on click behaviour

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I have a dashboard with 3 filters and when I select the click behaviour for a card that I want it to update the filters with the value from the card 2 of the filters are present but not all 3. This is the same for all cards on the dashboard.

As you can see the ID isn't showing as a filter to update,

I've tried setting it as a field filter and as a normal filter. The variable is set as an entity key in admin panel and is categorised as a UUID. Changing the id type from identity key to text as the other question suggests would cause other issues in metabase but this seems like an inproper workaround anyway. Is there a way to get the last filter to show?


Hi @Alexhs
You are seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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thanks @flamber

That was exactly my problem.
I was lucky that changing my type to TEXT did not break my dashboard requirements, but I can see how that is not an option every time.

Thanks for the pictures

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