Allow set of user to view dashboard only

1.) We wants to start create 10 to 12 dashboards on metabase. But the problem is that we wants only set of users to show dashboard i.e to hide sidebar and option for add new question etc.
We don't want to embed the code in our application due to security reasons.
2.) Is there any option for drilldown of data in single dashboard without redirecting to another dashboard or question.

Hi @vikas92

  1. Change the Collection permissions, so the users only have view access to the dashboard, and revoke Data permissions, so the users cannot no self-service:
  2. No, currently drill-through has to go to the question.

Thanks for your feedback. But I need two roles i.e administrator and User.
1)Administrator will create all the dashboards , questions, view all collection and so on.
2) User will login and view only the dashboards assigned to him by admin with no other options like sidebar and "+New" button on top right to work on.

@vikas92 Yes, read the permissions articles.

We checked each option in permissions. Still not able to hide whole sidebar and navigation bar for user.
we have set the "No access " to each dashboard. Still Sidebar and Navbar is showing for User.
Generally We need the view like as your public Sharing option for perticular dashboard which should be accessible with login.

@vikas92 Sounds like you would use Embedding:

The upcoming versions of Metabase will allow you to control more elements during FullApp embedding.