Alternatives to Pivot Table

Hi, I understand that Pivot table functionality is very basic in Metabase. But its a very important visualisation in a finance project i am working on.

Can you suggest any alternative presentation ideas in Metabase to give users the same level of ease as a pivot table.


Hi @Krishna

So you’re basically looking for Excel-style Pivot? That is currently not possible, but there’s a few requests. Upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of the issue(s):

Without understanding the data or what the user is supposed to be able to do, then I don’t see any alternatives.
Perhaps manually creating the transposed table in SQL and run it as a regular table, but that will limit a lot of functionality - and not something the users will be able to create (most likely).

Hi @flamber, Thanks for your prompt response. Yes, you are right, am looking for excel-style Pivot. Have upvoted on all the 3 issues. Any plans to work on this soon ?

Attaching a pic of the Pivot i created using Python Pandas. Wanted to build this output directly in Metabase.

Also tried converting this Pandas pivot into a dataframe, save to table and display in Metabase. But the issue is this has 2 level columns (time period, Portfolio). Flattening this into single header, makes the columns a bit weird and defeats the beauty of a pivot presentation ! So basically stuck as of now!

Was just wondering that Metabase users must have faced this challenge earlier (since pivot is quite common) and found some alternative solutions

Best Regards