Analytics of Metabase

How to get Analytics Info of Metabase ?
i.e. Who viewed which Dashboard at what time ?
We use Postgres as underlying database for Metabase. And we see some of the data is stored there.
But not sure exactly how to get usage-info of metabase itselt :slight_smile:

I posted this a couple of days ago. It will be a good start and certainly a pointer of what to do next:

Thanks, we just tried this and it works!

We are just wondering if feeding Metabase’s data into Metabase would have any negative implications and could potentially cause problems?
Like negatively impact performance?
Would you have any insights?

They’re pretty small tables, I’d be very surprised if there was any impact. I’d want it to be in a ‘proper’ database such as MySQL or PostrgresSQL though.