Anchor links within a Dashboard

Is there any way to include anchor links within the Markdown of a Dashboard? I am creating a data dictionary for users that I would like to include as its own Dashboard; basically just one long Markdown element. I would like to include a sort of Table of Contents element at the top that would have links and allow users to jump down to the desired dictionary definition.

This is the typical way of doing it with Markdown. Is there anyway to get that kind of behavior in Metabase?

One side question for you: can you go into more detail about what you think you’d put into your data dictionary, and what you’d want it to do? We currently have a section in the app called the Data Reference that attempted to solve this kind of problem, but we don’t think we got it right and we’re interested in taking another crack at this problem in the near future.

As for your actual question, I’ve never tried that! I’m guessing it didn’t work for you in experimenting with it?

Hi @jacob.deppen
Everything what Maz said and …
Currently not, since the markdown in Metabase doesn’t allow HTML-tags. And not sure why, but headings doesn’t have an ID, so there’s nothing to link to.

Thanks for the info @maz and @flamber.

The Data Reference feature is quite good for our data team who know where it is and can make sense of it. The data dictionary would be aimed at providing a more verbose and general description of all of our tables and fields for infrequent users. I want to point them to a single dashboard where they can read everything they need. They might even use it as a sort of menu to choose fields from. The current Data Reference is a bit too buried to rely on them finding it if they don’t spend a lot of time in Metabase.

My ideal solution was almost possible using existing tools. I wanted to put all of the data dictionary entries as rows in a table so that they could be searched and filtered on. E.g.,

Field Table Data Type Description
name people text The full name of a person
id people number A person’s 6 digit ID number

The only thing stopping me from using this is that I cannot wrap lines or resize columns in a Table viz.

Thanks again!