Angular 9 Metabase Embedding

Hello, I serve metabase docker at port 3000 on link - > my_ip/metabase. I can reach metabase login page when type this ip to my browser. I want to serve this project in my angular project, then I add this code to my component. However I can’t reach metabase in my project. What should I do?

<iframe [src]="metabaseUrl" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="600"

Hi @mtrwhitefang, please check if you enabled embedding in Metabase as well as the embedding url that is generated in the iframe of your angular application. Check the documentation for examples

I enabled embedding but how can I reach embedding url?

open the developer tools of your browser and you will see the iframe html tag with the URL that the iframe is opening

When clicked “sharing and embedding button”, I see this error on the page --> “This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue.” What should I do?

Without the logs I can’t help you. Please post the troubleshooting information and the logs of your instance when trying to share. Thanks