Any help me with antioquia/colombia map for metabase

Can help me with geojson for Antioquia/Colombia with municipalities for metabase, i can budget for this

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Hi @mgtrfelipeurrego

Have you tried to search the Columbia Open Data (since you’re one of the lucky countries that actually have services like that)?

Otherwise I stumbled over this Github project:

and in metabase is not working

For example only this geojson is working in metabase
or this for same

and this


Hi @mgtrfelipeurrego
What problem are you having? The “colombia-municipios.json” you referenced is not a GeoJSON, so that’s why it cannot be used.

Hi, did u find it? I need the same data

@helectron Just search the internet for “colombia municipios geojson” - here’s an old one: - project repo - GeoJSON