Any love for Internet Explorer?

I’m not starting browser wars (please no!), but I’m finding Metabase with IE to be very poor. Drop down lists don’t always appear, when they do appear, they’re far too transparent and unusable. Even viewing a basic dashboard has problems due to some text being too faint.
I realise IE is unwelcome in the open source world, but many customers are using it. Anyone else had problems? Any solutions?

Yes! While I tend to work with chrome & firefox on linux, most of my users are windows IE users. I see the same issues you mention - dont have a solution though :frowning:

Same issues. Most of our users use IE and it is frustrating when you tell them please use Chrome instead (most have rules what browser they have installed on computer (IT policy)). It would do much to have a solution to this.

I guess it’s a tricky balance for the developers. Internet Explorer is on the way out. It’s JavaScript performance is dreadful when compared to other browsers.
Given the choice of better dashboards or IE support, I’d go for better dashboards every time.