any way to get the queries written by api or otherwise?

I use postgres and I need to download several codes from the saved queries to manage them locally, I was looking for some endpoint in the api but I didn't find any that let me download the query written only the result of the query

Hi @Atlas
I'm not sure what "codes" you are trying to get.
The question data is stored in the application database table report_card
The actual query is returned in the response of

sorry for not being very clear, but i want to get the query of a question

like this :

@Atlas Get the card:
The best way to learn the API, is to just use Metabase while having your browser developer Network-tab open and looking at the request, and what data is being send/received.

so many thank you, worked very well, i used this endpoint : GET /api/card/

this return a json with the result and the query.