Any way to rename a column without converting to SQL (MySQL db)

I have a Question that groups sales reps and has 2 columns of their sales figures that are SUMs of numbers. In the results those columns are called Sum and Sum 2. Is there no way to rename those columns to be more descriptive?
I could do it as a SQL query, but that limits our ability to filter dates on the fly. We usually view this Question directly rather than on a dashboard.

I believe it is possible using a “Custom Field”. In the right of “Question”, there is a “…” button, which you will be able to write a formula and a “name”.

Just add as formula “=SUM(column_name)” and give the name you want.


Nope, it does not seem to accept functions, or really anything written into the field other than what it suggests (i.e. column names and operators).

Give a look at this screenshots.


Yes, and as you can see, the “Done” button is greyed out, and the line around the Field Formula box is red, indicating there is a problem with the formula.

I believe the custom field creation will only apply to fields categorized as 'number' in the metabase admin panel > data model

Does it work if i join another Table and want to sum that field of another table