Anyone has "drill down" examples?

Hello, everyone. We have installed the new version 0.24.0. We are confused with how to use the “drill down” feature. Can some tell me, thanks a lot!

If you’re viewing a question that was built with the GUI query builder, you should be able to click on your charts, graphs, table cells/headings, and dashboard cards. The feature does not currently work with SQL/native questions, in an upcoming version of Metabase we’ll be including a feature that will let you use the results of SQL/native queries as the starting table for GUI-based questions. This means you’ll be able to use sophisticated SQL/native queries to create the exact segments you need, and you and your team will be able to use drill-through and actions if you create GUI-based questions/charts from those segments.

From the release note of 0.24.0. I see “Feature: Drill-down reporting #1884”.
And in the detailed issues, it describes the demo as “”.
But you say, in the next upcoming version, drill down will work.

So i confused them: “drill-down report” and “drill down feature”?

jowett, does the animated gif under Drill-through in help explain it?

My data is on Mysql. i’d like to use the dril down feature. is there a way. ie can i somehow convert my data into another source?

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your question correctly, but yes, you should be able to use the drill-down feature using MySQL without any problems. The limitation is that a question must be created and saved using the Query Builder rather than the SQL console in order for drill-through to work. If you must use SQL, the workaround is to use SQL to create a custom table, which you then can use in the Query Builder via the new nested queries feature. Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Maz. I see. i missed the point that it wouldn’t work only in the SQL console. i assumed it was if the database was in SQL. thanks