Apache Drill driver


I developed CSV Driver and now I’m trying to develop an Apache Drill Driver.

I have two problems:

1. Double quotes on probe query

My actual probe query:

SELECT TRUE AS “_” FROM “dfs.tmp”.“vwjm” WHERE 1 <> 1 LIMIT 0

Desired probe query:

SELECT TRUE AS _ FROM dfs.tmp.vwjm WHERE 1 <> 1 LIMIT 0

2. Ignore Schema on fields and double quotes on select

I need ignore schema at name fields (and remove double quotes again)

My actual query:

SELECT “dfs.tmp”.“vwjm”.“nome” AS “nome”, “dfs.tmp”.“vwjm”.“id” AS “id” FROM “dfs.tmp”.“vwjm” LIMIT 10000

Desired query:

SELECT vwjm.nome AS nome, vwjm.id AS id FROM dfs.tmp.vwjm LIMIT 10000

Any sugestions where do I could change?


OK. Double quotes are solved with:

(defmethod sql.qp/quote-style :drill [_] “”)

Searching for ignoring schema on field now…

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About ignoring schema on field, I followed the spark driver solution and then I could move forward…