API Call to Check Sync Status

Is there a Metabase API call to determine whether or not a sync (any type) is currently running for a given database? Similarly, is there an API call to retrieve the status of a previously requested sync for a given database?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @metabasedev01
Currently no. The sync is an async process.

Thanks. Out of curiosity, what happens if multiple syncs are requested for the same database at the same time (concurrently, overlapping in any way)? How is it handled on the Metabase side?

@metabasedev01 The second sync should overrule the first. Kinda a way to make sure that sync can be started again if something went wrong in the first sync.

So does this mean that there are not multiple concurrent syncs running? Does the second sync request stop the first running sync? Are they queued? Thanks again.

@metabasedev01 What is the point to run multiple syncs against the same database? That will only add more load on your database, but the end result is the same.

The database is not read only. It is updated by multiple concurrent users over time. The question was to determine if Metabase does anything internally to manage the sync requests and, if not, to research ways that an external application could use API calls to manage them. Thanks for you help.

@metabasedev01 Haven't we gone over this a while ago? You should probably consider using Notify:

But running multiple sync process against the same database/table at the same time will not make it go any faster.

I must not have explained the question well enough. The post and related questions have nothing to do with the performance of the sync. It has to do with managing multiple requests to trigger the sync. Narrowing the granularity of the sync request(s) by using notify was a different issue. But I think I have some good information to move forward. Thanks again for all of your help.