API Connection Problem

Hi, I'm trying to pull question data into a Google Sheets file using AppScript. Here is the response that I get:

Exception: Request failed for https://metabase.deliverr.com returned code 403. Truncated server response: You don't have permissions to do that. (use muteHttpExceptions option to examine full response)

I'm using my username and password (which work when logging into the UI) to generate a token.

This is the url format that I'm using:

baseUrl + "api/card/" + metabaseQuestionNum + "/query/csv"

Any ideas on what's causing this to fail?


can you user download csv files when you use metabase via the browser? BTW: please upgrade to the latest version

yes, I can download the csv directly in the UI, but the file is large, is there any sort of size limitation when retrieving via API?

Can you share the whole code if possible? Like how you are generating the token and how you are passing it via the header?

There is no limitation perse it will just download up to 1 million rows ... have you tried performing anything else? maybe its the API setup the problem