API Spefications

Hello I have a question regarding the metabase api.

Running a POST request on api/:card_id/query in the response tab I can see all data visualized plus info. More specificaly, there is a section in the json response tab called "Colls" and it show every info on the columns returned by the question this request runs.

How does this work? Where does the api get this information (what database tables, what columns etc)?

I am asking this because I have experienced a problem I try to understand with the metadata showing in the question.

Here is an example of what i'm trying to find


everything comes from the Metabase application database

Hello, thank you for your answer. Could you be more specific? I'm actually trying to find the exact tables, columns etc that this information comes from. Or maybe, you can guide me on where I can find the exact query that is run in this endpoint? Searching the source code in github, I could not locate where the api is defined.