API update native query

Hey guys,

Can you please help me with this one ?
I’m trying to update some native mongo query with your API and I can’t manage to make it work.

curl -X PUT \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "X-Metabase-Session: (my-session-key)" \
  -d 'dataset_query:{$match : {urt : {$gte : ISODate("2019-04-28"),$lte : ISODate("2019-04-29")}}}' \

I’m trying to update the date range in one of my queries.

Here’s the error that I’m receiving : “Malformed JSON in request body

The query that i’m trying to update :

i would suggest using wireshark to trace this attempt , trace one which is working , then compare the 2.

Thanks , figured that out. :+1: