Application Database Migration

Hi Metabase,

I am currently using Metabase on Azure. I want to migrate application database from Azure Postgres DB to AWS RDS (I will also migrate the instance of Metabase). I exported DB as dump file and created a new db in AWS and imported dump file with Pg4Admin. Finally, created a metabase instance with Elastic BeanStalk. However, I did not work. Is there another way for migration application db from Azure to AWS?

Hi @icgncl
So what exactly did not work? If you are seeing errors, then include those, or the entire startup log.
Are you sure you are referencing the correct database with the environment variable you define in Beanstalk?

hi @flamber,
when I import dump file as 'metabase' db in new database, I get

Caused by: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: database "ebdb" does not exist

error. When I import dump file as 'ebdb' db, I get following error

@icgncl The first error is obvious, since you are importing as different database name compared to what you are defining in your Beanstalk Environment Variables.

The second error is perhaps caused by bad environment variables, but it's difficult to tell, since you are not showing the error in English or including the full logs from startup. Look in your Beanstalk console for logs.

Is there better way for migration? @flamber

@icgncl Your migration is really not anything specific to Metabase. You are doing a migration between two Postgres instances and then you're also changing application host completely.
It's like if you moved any other application between these two big hosting providers, you'll need to copy the data and you'll need to update your application configs so they are referencing the place of the data.

I was able to migrate it when I drop setting table. But now I cannot see databases under admin settings

. So dashboards cannot be loaded

@icgncl You are not providing any logs, so it's impossible to know what is going on, but I'm guessing that you had encryption enabled, which would require that you either drop the encryption or reuse the old secret on the new setup.
Manually deleting table and other modifications will only lead to corruption unless you know what you're doing.