Apply filtering to SQL results

Hi. I am running Metabase 0.43.1 and creating some results by SQL query on Postgres database. Is there any way to apply filtering by simply clicking the column name like a question? I can only see the Column formatting option and I need to click the Explore Result button every time before apply filtering.

Hi @llg3888
Metabase cannot parse your SQL directly, so you need to use "Explore results".

@flamber Thanks for the reply.
Will saving an extra question using the "Explore results" be the best alternative? Most of the time I will need to write some complex SQL and let team members to perform some filtering. Clicking "Explore results" seems really bothering them.

@llg3888 Then write your complex SQL as a View on the database, which Metabase will see as a regular table in the GUI.

Or use Models:

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@flamber I changed the SQL result to a model and I was able to use the filtering which is great. But I was not able to use the filter in the dashboard, saying that the card does not have any fields or parameters that can be mapped to this parameter type. I did not specify any type or map to any database column for the column that I want to apply filtering in the model. Is it possible to apply filtering in the dashboard for models?

@llg3888 Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting. Or use a View on your database.
You are likely seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post