Are alerts cached?

Hello everyone,

I'm using alerts to handle some rather long-running questions, and I have 2 questions about it :

  1. Do questions requested through an alert timeout in the same way that Dashboard questions do ?
  2. Are questions requested through an alert kept in cache if they take more than the required duration to run ?

I searched the internet but it seems that those questions haven't been asked yet.

Thanks a lot for your help,
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Hi @clement.l
What is your definition of "long-running"?
There's an overall 20 minute timeout on all queries if there's no activity (nothing is being received).
I don't think Alerts are cached if I remember correctly - cache is being bypassed.

Hi @flamber, thanks for your response.
I configured the timeout so that any question with more than 60 seconds of runtime timeout. And any query that takes more than 10 seconds to run goes to the cache. (changed in the settings as well).

Ok so clear about the cache being bypassed for alerts, and what I'm guessing is that would also be the case with the 1mn timeout in my case, being probably bypassed for alerts correct ?

@clement.l Where are you getting that 60 timeout from? If it is from a reverse-proxy, then it will not affect internal queries like Alerts, since there's no browser requests controlling them.
If the "runtime timeout" is a query timeout, then all queries, including Alerts are affected by that.