Are there any clever ways to create attractive embedded content within Metabase?

Hi all,

I'm in the early stages of an experimentary proof-of-concept self-hosted deployment attempting to rally support and interest in data visualisation among colleagues in adjacent NGOs.

While I'm working on a proper frontend, to try to smooth the path to adoption, I've created a few "user manual" type guides (in markdown) and nested them under a collection called "User Guides":

Under the hood, of course, these are simply dashboards with embedded markdown (and the images are hosted on an external CDN).

I had a thought, though: there are so many markdown editors and frontend components on the market that perhaps there's something that can be embedded directly into the Metabase backend ... with perhaps a tiny bit of custom scripting to inject scripts.

Has anyone attempted such craziness / can it be done?

Just an idea!