Ask Question -> Custom -> Broken UI


Here is a small bug to check. Thanks a lot.

Steps to reproduce:

Open metabase
Go to Ask Question
Go to Custom
Add Filter (3 long named filters)
Add View (3 long named views)
Add Group by (3 long named group by)

Expected result:
The information maintains within the view port and you have a scroll bar or it actually breaks line (I rather have it break line have 2/3/4 lines but see all filters, views, group by)

Current result:
The fields break and go out of view port.

See image below.

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Hi @mundurraga,
Even i am facing the same issue , as a work around i am using the browser’s Zoom In and Zoom Out feature to add more filters/view/group by fields. But fix for this will be more helpful because conveying the stack holders is very difficult on this part.


It’s a known issue - the only workaround right now is zoom levels. - go and upvote by clicking :+1: