Assigning Dashboards to Group view permissions Fails

In a self-hosted latest version Metabase installation I am finding that Dashboards I create cannot be "moved" or enabled to view for my Group.

I've tri4ed giving both basic and more granular settings so that a Dashboard made by the Admin will be seen by activated users in a Group. But when the Group members login those Dashboards are not seen in any navigation link.

I have saved, saved as I set up these permissions.
I even made duplicates of those Dashboards and MOVEd them into different Group member collections, thinking that now when they login they'll definitely see the duplicates. I even made a custom Duplicate moved only once. Then made another duplicate and moved it into another Group member account.

At any rate an important Dashboard I made as Admin and have also duplicated into Our Analytics, Personal Collections, etc. is not showing up for my Group.

Hi @ThunderPoet
Permissions for a dashboard is one thing, permissions for the questions used on the dashboard is another.
You need to make everything (both dashboard and the questions) available in a collection that users can view.
I would recommend you read this: