Authorising metabase to connect to BigQuery

Hi folks,

According to the link, above, I need to create a service account within our Google project, grant access to the project, grant permissions, and download the key as a JSON file. I have gotten this JSON file from our IT person today.

It contains the following:

  • “project_id”:
  • “private_key_id”:
  • “private_key”:
  • “client_email”:
  • “client_id”:
  • “auth_uri”:
  • “token_uri”:
  • “auth_provider_x509_cert_url”:
  • “client_x509_cert_url”:

Instead of giving me the option to upload the JSON file, as in the guide, Metabase is asking me for the following:

  • client ID (which I have in the JSON)
  • client secret - I don’t have this
  • auth code - I don’t have this

What’s going on here? Is it the case that the guide is wrong or outdated, or is there something I can do to get the option to upload the JSON file.

We’re using Google Kubernetes, I’m told, and our metabase was deployed from a docker image, if that makes a difference. We’re on version 0.35.4

Thanks, Shane

Hi @ShaneODub
Follow the documentation for your version:
Service Accounts was introduced in 0.36.0 and will be the only way to connect going forward.
Latest release is 0.36.4

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Cool, thanks for that.