Auto-archive of questions and dashboards


The mount of questions and dashboards is only growing in my use case. People are looking for an insight, build a question/dashboard, present it to other people and forget about it.


Navigating questions and dashboard is hard because of its growing amount. No manual moderation or guidance would keep up with the ease of saving a question.


Introduce "garbage collection". I want to suggest to archive questions and dashboards that haven't got any traffic in last X days/months (in my case 3 months is a good setting) as an opt-in feature.

Hi @voroninman
It is possible for you to script this, by referencing the questions/dashboards with the viewlog table in the application database.

I doubt that Metabase will include such functionality, at least currently, since there might be way too many users suddenly missing a question that they only use a couple of times a year.

Anyways, all features (and bugs) are tracked on Github, so you can create the request there:

Sure for some cases it could detrimental but if the default value is 3 years or/and there is a notification on auto-archiving it should be safe.

Thanks. I duplicated the request to Github.