Auto arrange X-Axis

Hi there,

we have been using metabase for some month now. We really like it and use it for nearly all of our KPIs and watchings.

After finding out how the filters are working properly we wanted to setup a filterable dashboard. For the beginning it worked really find and we were happy with it.

When we initially setup our first area chart with revenue split by channels we added a filter for time ranges. So when we choosed a time range f.e. one month it showed us the the proper arrangement of the x-axis, afterwards we choosed a year the x-axis rearranged the x-axis again.

Then we added some new plates f.e. overall revenue as number. Then the rearrangement stopped working. It stucks at “group by: day”.

Is there any way how I can have auto x-axis by choosing time filters?

Thanks Daniel!

Hi Daniel,
as I have a very similar dashboard with variable date filters that works fine I wonder what could have happened.
Is there a way you could share your sql syntax for one of the queries where the filter is not working anymore?
and what dashboard filter type are you using?

I use v0.25 right now and everything works fine.
Cheers, Eva