Auto Binning Column


I’m using Metabase v0.28.1, MSSQL 2014 as my datasource. I was looking through the sample dataset (as a question) and caught a glimpse of the item below:

On looking at the data model, I cannot see any settings which could make this happen.

Could anyone assist in showing how this can be achieved as this would be quite helpful especially in having to avoid sql queries for grouping items in bins.


It’s supposed to pop up “auto-magically” AFAIK, but depends on the datatype of the field in question.

What’s the field type where you want it to happen?

Here’s :blue_book: User Guide coverage of it under Histograms it, and a deep link to the Github Issue where it originally got implemented:

The quick answer is that Metabase will show options for binning if the field is marked as a Number or as Latitude/Longitude in the Data Model.

Thanks @maz.

I had tried that option before I sent this, and it didn’t work.

I’m using MSSQL 2014 as the data source.

Thanks @jornh.
It is an amount field, and has been set to a number type.

Hi @maz, same here, my field is a number field but there is no binning option. Use an SQL database with metabase v0.28.1

Cheers, Eva

There was a workaround for this, can not find it now