Auto-connected filters to cards applied even if I removed the connection

Hello, I chose to not auto-connect a field for a card in a dashboard.
But when I come back on the dashboard, a field has been randomly applied:

Initial state when I built the dashboard:

What I got after coming back on the dashboard on the day after: the filter has been applied "alone"

Note: I'm the only one building the dashboard in the company
I have the bugs on several dashboards

  • Your browser and its version: Version 126.0.6478.127 (Official Build) (arm64)
  • Your operating system: macOS 13.4.1
  • The type of database you've connected to Metabase: Snowflake
  • The version of Metabase you're running: v0.50.9

Hi there, that's indeed a strange behavior. It seems a bug. What if you remove the filter from the query "Tenants with AI CRM filling", save the query, then save the dashboard, and then add the filter to the query again? It sounds weird but sometimes onblocking things solve issues.

Hello Roberto, thank you for responding. The bug is difficult to reproduce as it does not appear systematically. I just upgraded Metabase to v0.50.10 and hope it will solve the issue :crossed_fingers:

Upgrading is a good approach. Let us know!