Auto-generated dashboards

I built a default dashboard to embed in a plataform and use as a user analytics.

My only problem is that I can only use it to one user and it's datas, I would like to use those same graphics to generate automatically the same dashboard but to different users and it's datas... Is there any way to do it?

Hi @leonardo.miranda
I'm unsure if I understand what you're asking for, but the Enterprise Edition has Sandboxing, which allows you to do row-level access:

Otherwise you would have to use Locked parameters via Signed Embedding:

Sorry but this is not what I meant. I'll try to be more clear...

I'm developing an IoT web site where people can log in and control their devices.

Currently I'm building a dashboard everytime a new people join the web site and sharing to their profile.

What I'm trying to do is to build a default dashboard in and embed it to the plataform, so people can see their data.

I just don't want to do the same dashboard over and over again. I need to do just one that fits to everyone!

@leonardo.miranda Yes, then use the Enterprise/Pro edition or build it yourself using Embedding.

That's what I'm trying to do but I don't have the option to embed the dashboard without any data.
Also, I didn't see anything like this in the Enterprise/Pro edition.

@leonardo.miranda The Enterprise edition comes with Sandboxing functionality, which can be used in-app, not only via Embedding:
Read this:

You need to add something to a dashboard before you can enable embedding.
Read this: