Automate emailing PDF of a dashboard

We have >100 recipients that we need to email reports to, ideally in PDF format.

We are considering the following options:

  1. use the metabase emailing / subscription which does not seem to have a supported API yet: Send Subscription/Pulse/Alert via the API · Issue #5772 · metabase/metabase · GitHub this would likely only have images, not PDFs
  2. run a container with a headless browser to access "Export as PDF" inside metabase . Alternative we might download the image and then convert to pdf with imagemagick or similar tools.

Does anybody have recommendations / experiences for either solution 1 or 2?

For number one I've discovered that the emails of the dashboard seems to have certain short comings:

  1. the vertical length of cards is shorter than in the dashboard. For example we have a very long table (so that all results fit without pagination). This works in the browser, but in the email somehow the height is shorter and it falls back to pagination
  2. The mini-bar charts inside table cells don't seem to be rendered.

This probably means we won't pursue route number 1