Automated email/communication to external partner

Hii, I want to have automated monthly email/communication send out to external partner about some data/dashboard. Is this feature available on Metabase? Can someone help here :smile: ?

yeah, it's called subscriptions. Build a dashboard and then click on the email on the top

hii Luiggi, thanks a lot for your reply! My question is more to have it send out to an external user outside of my organisation, meaning that they don't need to have an account on metabase to see the info/data. Is it possible still? I tried alert function with putting an external email, and make the dashboard available to public, but with the email I got form metabase to my personal email (external email), I need to have an account still to access the link. Please let me know if I made myself clear.

It’s very clear, with subscriptions you send an email to users with a dashboard, is that sufficient?

Hii Luiggi, yea I just tested and it works, thanks a lot! One small question is I saw the alert can only be hourly, daily or weekly, can we set it as monthly maybe?

Right now the options are the ones you see there :grinning:

Workaround is to have it so that it's only sent when there's data. Then change the question so that it only works on the days you want.

I do something similar with an hourly alert for a process that only runs for 18 hours each day. I need to know about failures but don't want to wake up to 6 failure emails each day. The SQL checks for current time and returns nothing if it's outside my 'worry window'.