Automated Pulses not working (Elastic Beanstalk environment)

Hey guys.

We’re loving Metabase over here but I’m having trouble getting the automated pulses to work properly.

Every email test works just fine but the scheduled pulse just doesn’t work. I checked our email server and no requests were made at the particular scheduled time.

Does anyone have a clue as to what’s going on? I see some people have had trouble with Heroku but I’m running it on ELB.


What’s in the logs at that time? Is there an error?

Also, what’s the schedule for the pulse?

Hello. I was running v0.20.1, updating to v0.20.3 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks.

Hi I am running version 0.29 hosted on a linux Ubuntu LTS 14.04 EC2 instance

My testing Pulses are being sent but automated pulses are not working . Can someone help here ?

Thanks in Advance

Hy guys, I figured out this issue doing the following steps:

You need to create a slack channel called “metabase_files” and update the pulse configuration to send a notification for this channel.