Average on count

Is there an easy way to calculate the 'avarage' results from a count?
What i can create is:

Total records grouped by day of week.
But instead of total records, i want the avarage records grouped by day of week.
I tried to use custom expressions, but can't figure it out how to write it using the metabase gui.

Hi @cobalt
You need to get the results in a separate aggregation:

Hi Flamber,

Thanks for your advice, i also tried that way, but i also need the avarage per day of week.

@cobalt Then I don't understand what you are asking for. How would you write it in SQL?

Hey Flamber,

What I mean is that i want the 'average' number of all weekdays.
So from all mondays the average, from all tuesdays the average..

Not quite sure how to write that in SQL, that's why i tried to do it within the GUI :slight_smile:

@cobalt Sounds like you would have to do that in SQL, since you would need to loop through all the days.

I will try to find how to write it in SQL.