Average value for multiple values in Y axis

In our DB for each X have multiple values for Y, so metabase always renders summed value of y ( for given x value )

Is there any way to make it show the average values instead of just sum?
I was trying to play with settings, but couldn’t anything that could tweak this.

(note: I am looking for solution that works with series breakout )

Hi @Levon
Make sure that you group by your “Date” column.

@flamber , can’t find this “grouping” feature, we use simple-question approach, can you please point me were I can find it?
or are you talking to visualize via sql query and make do GROUP BY in there?

@Levon Click the Summarize button to show the sidebar - or click the Editor button in top-right corner to show the Notebook mode.
I would recommend that you read these:

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Cool, thanks !