Avoid Slack Public Channel for confidential data


  • I am setting up a new Metabase Instance and need to configure Slack.
  • Metabase requires a Public Slack Channel
  • I cannot let Metabase publish content into a Public Channel

What I tried to do

  • I created a new private channel and invited the Metabase app
  • I tried to configure Metabase Slack with this private channel but fails with error "Public channel to store image files: channel not found"

Is there a workaround to avoid Metabase publishing confidential content in a Public Slack Channel?

Hey there, this is what you might try:

  1. Create a temporary public channel specifically for the Metabase configuration.
  2. Configure Metabase to connect with the temporary public channel.
  3. Once the setup is done, change the public channel to a private one.
  4. Test it!

Please keep me posted if this workaround works!

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This isn't currently possible but there is an Issue in Github for this feature request: Slack integration should list private channels · Issue #44798 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

Please feel free to upvote it and add any additional context to the issue.