AWS Athena Database Connection Error" The security token included in the request is invalid"

Hi All,
I am running a trial project on Metabase and get stuck in the first place :frowning:

We would like to connect Metabse to AWS Athena and currently using a opensouce edition, after I type in the access and secret key, it pops with the following message:

"[Simba]AthenaJDBC An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. The security token included in the request is invalid. [Execution ID not available]"

Everything is hosted in local Mac and I can confirm those keys are valid as I use this aws profile to run dbt as well.

One thing I am not really sure is that I get those keys by using saml2aws command so I guess they are AWS STS based and only valid for 12 hours (so they are temporary security credentials). I can confirm they are still valid but also see aws_session_token, aws_security_token in the ~/.aws/credentials as well. Is it because the autho needs those values as well but the current metabase UI doesn't provide the input for them?

Thank you so much