AWS database cost is always high when connected to metabase


We have a metabase community version(running on docker) backed by Amazon Aurora Serverless MySQL database running in Development and Production environments. We notice that the DB capacity(CPU) is always high even when no active users are using the application and the cost is relatively very high compared to other applications with similar usage without metabase viz. There are always queries logged in the monitoring tool even with no interactions with the application.

Question is does metabase keep the DB connections alive even with no user activity or active DB connections? Are there are documentations detailing the connection logs generated from metabase?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @sramesh

Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Metabase makes analysis queries without user activity as well as any scheduled Subscriptions/Pulses

Without seeing the queries, then it's difficult to know.

There's documentation on how to read the logs

Hi Sramesh,

Did you go forward on your analysis ?
We have the same configuration here (Metabase + AWS Auror) and we see that the cost is really high because ACU utilization go to 100% when a request is done in Metabase ... :confused: