[AWS Elastic Beanstalk] Adding extensions to metabase

When I download a metabase application version:

  • if I upload it directly into EBS I can deploy it and all works fine
  • if I unzip it and rezip it, I can upload it but deployment fails (whether I add any eb extensions to it or not)
    As I am not very familiar with Docker it took me a lot of time to realize the issue was that I was zipping the parent folder while I should be zipping the individual files (including the hidden ones like .ebextensions)

I’m not sure this is the best place to share this but as it would have helped me maybe it’ll help other?
Please redirect it elsewhere if it’s be more appropriate.

Hi @Maxime
It’s the right place to share tips :+1:
Just as a note, Docker and the EBS ZIP-file configuration-script are two very different things.
Most ZIP managers allows you to edit files directly without needing to unzip. And you can even add or remove files/directories directly too.