AWS ELB - Launch Configuration to Launch Template?

Launch Configurations are no longer supported by AWS in some scenarios (ie: new accounts cannot create them after December 2023 via any means, and not via the console specifically already).

Metabase's Elastic Beanstalk setup uses Launch Configurations even in the latest release (0.46.5), which would presumably fail to work later this year once the deprecation kicks in fully for new accounts. Are there plans to update to Launch Templates within the Elastic Beanstalk setup?

Beanstalk is really a hard pill to swallow, we might deprecate it, but it’s not a decision yet taken

Yeah I saw that. It's certainly complicated vs other options.

Is there a realistic supported Kubernetes setup for Metabase? I see mention of a Helm chart from years ago but it's deprecated also and it seemed like there's no support for multiple replicas which sort of defeats the purpose.

Or is just a raw instance and database endpoint the best supported way to go for a customer using the open source server product?

Just spin up a server or a serverless container, a database and you’re good to go