AWS installs fine - however Redshift doesnt connect

My Beanstalk instance is in the same AZ as my redshift instance, however i get a time out when i connect. Is there any think I am missing?

You should double check your security groups, and VPCs. Ideally they should be in the same VPC and where the security group your redshift instance is in allows the metabase instance’s security group to connect to the port you’re using.

@Sameer, can you clarify how to enable metabase instance’s security group to connect my Redshift? I’ve been able to whitelist IP addresses of other BI tools on my Redshift instance, but haven’t found any documentation related to Metabase for this.

Because beanstalk instances don’t have a static ip, you’ll need to make sure that whatever security group your beanstalk app server instances are in can connect to the redshift cluster in question.

I could connect to AWS Redshift but i can’t list the external Schemas into Metabase data model. I’m using Redshift Spectrum

we don’t currently support Spectrum.

Any plan in the backlog?

folks are interested in it, and there seems to be community support

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i found this: Now Amazon Redshift supports late-binding views referencing Amazon Redshift and Redshift Spectrum external tables

now i can see in MD data model a external table but MD not support the schema, i mean the fileds