BackUp and Update

Hi! can anyone address me to:

  • how to backup my metabase installation (i mean which files or folder I should save/backup)
  • how can I update my installation without loosing all saved queries, all folders, rights, users …and so on …

I would appreciate if you can also share a link where I can find some “white paper” about the files used in Metabase and them meaning … I am php/sql/html old programmer …but I don’ know almost nothing about Java!

Have a nice Sunday

Hi @mirco_cervi
Well, it depends.
Are you using Docker, JAR-file, Mac App or … ?
And are you using default H2 as the backend database or have you migrated to Postgres or MariaDB/MySQL?

Hi @mirco_cervi

Flamber is right, “it depends” but here is the main Operations Guide section on backup options: