Bar chart missing some labels on X axis


Trying to display data in Bar chart but some x lables are missing on X axis (see below)

I can be sure that there is data.

here is the MB log:

04-19 19:45:12 DEBUG driver.query-processor ::
{:database 2,
 :type "native",
 :native {:query "SELECT AS 商户, sa.total_jf_users AS 用户数\nFROM apps a, stat_apps sa\nWHERE = sa.app_id\nAND `last_30_days_jf_users` > 4\nORDER BY sa.total_jf_users DESC"},
 :constraints {:max-results 10000, :max-results-bare-rows 2000}}

04-19 19:45:12 DEBUG db.internal :: DB CALL: Database [:id :engine :details] (where (limit (select* ENTITY32256) 1) {:id database-id})
04-19 19:45:12 DEBUG generic-sql.native :: SELECT AS 商户, sa.total_jf_users AS 用户数
FROM apps a, stat_apps sa
WHERE = sa.app_id
AND `last_30_days_jf_users` > 4
ORDER BY sa.total_jf_users DESC
04-19 19:45:12 DEBUG models.interface :: DB CALL: QueryExecution 634
04-19 19:45:12 DEBUG metabase.middleware :: POST /api/dataset 200 (16 ms)