Bar charts with weekly data messed up

Data that is grouped by week - using FORMAT_DATE("%Y-%V", DATE(timestamp)) in BigQuery standard SQL - is displayed in a bar chart (or line chart) like this:

The underlying figures and the grouping are ok though, if switched to table format everything looks fine, also the week numbers:


Any suggested solution? This seems to be a bug in how the chart interprets and groups the week numbers, rather as month than week.

Thanks for your help!

Looks like you get bitten by that Metabase is “clever” and sees it’s a date type so it displays the time dimension as dates - in Metabases standard date format. (Americans don’t care much for week numbers). Maybe as a work-around you can cast it to a text type?

Improvements for the X axis labels have been added to the next upcoming major release 0.29 wheneven it’s ready:

Added to corresponding github issue #7236, apparently it’s regular numbers too not just dates that can be interpreted by Metabase as a regular date. Concatenating a special character at the beginning of the category label solved the problem in this particular case.