Bar visual: total not reduced by negative values

Hey guys!

Since the new update I'm having issues displaying a total amount reduced by negative values, instead the negative values (turquoise) that should be added to the total are just listed separately in the lower part of any bar, whereas the positive values (yellow) are correctly included to the total:

Please help me :slight_smile:
Kind regards and thanks a lot!

Hi @noob
A negative value cannot be "added" to a stacked bar. They are supposed to be separate.
Which version did you upgrade from?
And post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Hey @flamber, thanks for the quick response!
I'm just an intern and not quite sure which version we upgraded from and am also not sure where to get the "diagnostic info" since there is no admin > troubleshooting. All I know is that prior to the update queries with a negative value were deducted from total in stacked reports.

@noob Stacked bars with negative values never worked and couple produce incorrect results. It was fixed in 0.41: