Basic Newb SQL filter Question

OK, I’m totally new - just started trying Metabase yesterday. I quickly got it up and running and connected to my MySQL. And created a dashboard with two bar graph reports. Looking good! [Although there are only 9 colors available for bars? Really?]

But on to my stumble today: OK, let’s put some filters onto my reports. The reports are SQL based. Lets add a parameter to allow me to filter by oh, customer number, or something. Well, I can’t seem to choose a Filter Widget Type. Well dang, I can’t seem to get this to work and the docs say " Filter widgets can’t be displayed if the variable is mapped to a field marked as: … Number "

Really? So I can never filter by oh, say, sales $ volume, or customer number, or any other useful numeric?

I’ve got to be missing something (I hope).


Hi @blaplante
Which version of Metabase?
If the customer number is on the customer-table, then I would guess it’s the primary key (aka entity key)? And if it is on another table, then I would guess it’s a foreign key, which links to the customer-table.
But that’s specifically about Field Filters, which allows dropdown lists and other things.
If you just want a plain simple filter, then use Number filter.

I’m on 0.33 (just downloaded yesterday).
I’m using my own database.
I’m using SQL to create the report.

Okay, didn’t understand what you mean with “own database”, but you can change field types in Admin > Data Model > (database) > (table) > (column) :gear:
Yes, you can only specify type of filters with SQL - using the query browser, all filters are linked to the field type.

What I mean by “own database” is I’m not using the Sample Database, but instead using my own production MySQL database.

Appears to specifically say I cannot create a filter (well other than a filter with just a default value) on a numeric type field.

Notice that you are looking at some text within the header “The Field Filter variable type”, so this is only relevant to Field Filter. You can use simple Number filter if you want.