Basic Static Embedding with Docker - Cross Origin

I'm brand new to Metabase, just got things set up with the test docker install on my local WSL Ubuntu environment. I have logged in, set Embedding to enabled, and created a test Question.

I then go into my other web application (same host) and set up the embedding with the jwt payload (using the key given in Admin) and put the iframe as so: <iframe src="http://localhost:3000/embed/question/<the jwt token>#bordered=true&titled=true" width="800" height="600"></iframe>

When I run the page from my web app, I get the familiar Firefox or Chrome cross origin error ("to protect your security, localhost will not allow Firefox to display the page ...").

So, how do I set things up to allow Metabase to embed reports in my web app?

I tried to run docker with -e "MB_CORS_ORIGINS=", but that doesn't help.

you don't use the key there, you need the key to create a "signed" token. Check the examples in GitHub - metabase/static-embedding-reference-apps: Reference applications for common web frameworks showing how to embed Metabase charts