Batch Updating Questions

Hello, I know this has been asked before but not recently so figured I would try and see if anyone has a solution now.

Let's say I change the BigQuery dataset name from A to B. I now need to update all references in Metabase as those questions are now broken. I can update all the Native SQL Questions by going into the backend Metabase database and running the command:

UPDATE report_card SET dataset_query = REPLACE(dataset_query, "A.transactions",'B.transactions') WHERE dataset_query LIKE "%A.transactions%"

but that doesn't change questions created through the Metabase UI.

Is there a way to do that now?

Metabase's internal stuff just speciifes IDs, not table names.
Solution: find a way to not rename the dataset! Is there some sort of view you could use in BigQuery? I'm a MS SQL and Postgres user mostly.