Behavior sequence

Hi! I want this behavior sequence on a graph of my dashboard:

  1. I have a stacked bar chart - with a count of categories per month.
  2. when I click on a category, I'll be taken to a new stacked bar chart (on the same dashboard - the chart would be updated within the dashboard)
  3. the new chart has the count of subcategories of the category I clicked distributed by month

Can I do this? I already read about drill through and click behavior but I haven't figured out how to do something similar.

Hi @Helena
You have to create two different questions. As I wrote in Pie with drilldown, it's currently not possible to do hierarchy drill-through on the same question.

Example, the filter is connected to the right Pie, and there's a Click Behavior on the first Pie which sets the filter:

If that doesn't work for you, then you need to provide more information about your data and dashboard (screenshots).

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Hi @flamber! Ok, I got it. So I can't update a graph clicking on it, but I can uptade the filter on the dashboard that will update other charts (except itself). Right?

@Helena Correct.

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