Best Approach to Connect to DB

Hello All,
I have been trying to figure out what is the best approach to connect Metabase to the Database. I have the following thoughts/questions. Would like to have some feedback from the community

1. Connecting Metabase to Live Database: This is in case of smaller deployments where I want to connect to a Database and draw Visualisations in Metabase. I was thinking of connecting it directly to the live database (database of live application). My only concern/question here is, while performing the light sync (hourly) or detailed ones at night, will Metabase ever write to the source Database? [Please provide your views on this concern]

2. Connecting Metabase to Replica Database: In case of larger database and larger user base, it makes more sense to setup a replica database of the source DB and then connect Metabase to this replica DB.

Appreciate the help.


Hi @manan

  1. No, Metabase does not send any write commands to your data source.
  2. It depends on the size and which operations that are performed, but yes, connecting to replica is definitely useful in some cases. I would recommend also reading this:
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