Best practices for source database migration in Metabase cloud

Our team is using Metabase cloud. We are planning to migrate the primary BI database used by Metabase from Redshift to Snowflake. We have a lot of both model-based questions and native queries.

What are the best practices we can follow to ensure that our migration goes smoothly? It seems like for self-hosted the steps to follow are:

  • Backup Metabase (is there a way to do this for cloud? is this something support can help with?)
  • Update the database connection parameters to point to the new database
  • Update anything broken due to SQL discrepancies.

Are there any "gotchas" with Metabase cloud we need to be aware of, or anything we may run into trouble with? Is there any way to either

  • duplicate content and run both connections in parallel (we'll have both databases running for a few months as we migrate everything over) or
  • migrate content slowly but programmatically, e.g. by schema?

Our big concern is flipping the switch all at once and having all our reporting / queries go down simultaneously, so anything we could use to test the waters or migrate in a controlled environment would be super helpful.

Hi! have you checked Migrate to Metabase Cloud and Metabase Cloud?

We are already fully migrated to Metabase cloud, we're migrating our primary database connection for all our analytics data. I didn't see anything in the cloud docs that was particularly relevant to our scenario.

oh, if you're already in the cloud, please write to us at help at metabase dot com, as we have premium support for our cloud customers